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?mondays with mary' . the visitation of mary in advent | tom perna 66
my friend, bishop-elect steven j. lopes | tom perna 51
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quick lessons from the catechism: the sacrament of holy matrimony | tom perna 77
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yesterday, in the western lung of the catholic church, we heard the beautiful scripture verses many of you know to be the visitation of the blessed virgin mary as the gospel reading for the fourth week of advent. for today's ?mondays with mary', i want to share with some of the previous blog posts ihellip; 308
yesterday, i received news via facebook that my long time friend, a college friend i have known for 21 years, when i was in the st. ignatius institute at the university of san francisco, steven j. lopes, was going to be the first ever bishop of the personal ordinariate of the chair of st. peter.hellip; 304
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