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born chinmoy kumar ghose in the small village of shakpura in east bengal (now bangladesh) in 1931, sri chinmoy was the youngest of seven children. in 1944, after both his parents had passed away, 12 year-old chinmoy entered the sri aurobindo ashram, a spiritual community near pondicherry in south india. here he spent the next 20 years in spiritual practice - including long hours of meditation, practising athletics, writing poetry, essays and spiritual songs. 463
the lifting up the world with a oneness-heart program is a unique award that was offered by sri chinmoy to recognise individuals from all walks of life who had inspired and uplifted humanity. sri chinmoy lifted the recipients overhead either with one arm or both arms using a specially constructed platform in a symbolic gesture of oneness with their uplifting achievements. 375
music has and also is the key to unlock the heart-door of the supreme. music is the inner or universal language of god. i do not speak french or german or italian, but if music is played from any of those countries, immediately the heart of the music enters into my heart, or my heart enters into the music. at that time no outer communication is needed; the inner communion of the heart is enough. my heart is communing with the heart of the music, and in our communion we become inseparably one. 498
remain always in the sunshine of your heart until its illumining rays have also flooded your mind. 99
since 1986, many significant landmarks around the globe . from natural wonders to entire nations . have been dedicated to peace as part of the sri chinmoy peace-blossoms programme. the peace-blossoms family offers an opportunity for different communities to share in mankind's common quest for peace. what does peace do? peace blossoms. what else? peace spreads. what else? peace illumines. what else? peace fulfils. 418
mahasamrat bill pearl and bhavatarini judy pearl 5-time mr. universe best-built man of the 20th century 104
sri chinmoy's fourth meeting with mother teresa june 3rd, 1997 bronx, new york from mother teresa to sri chinmoy 113
    el contenido de estas paginas ha sido recopilado de entre cientos de charlas y respuestas a preguntas que sri chinmoy ha dado ocasionalmente a lo largo de los anos. entre los textos se han intercalado poemas y aforismos seleccionados de su vasta bibliografia. 264
los aforismos siguientes forman parte de la serie setenta y siete mil arboles de servicio . solo hay una manera de llegar al destino: comenzar. todo lo que necesitas quiza no este delante a ti o a tu alrededor, pero todo lo que necesitas esta ciertamente dentro de ti. si podemos iluminar la mente, en virtud de nuestras oraciones y meditaciones, sus capacidades seran inimaginables. 384
veintisiete mil plantas de aspiracion es una serie de aforismos que sri chinmoy comenzo a escribir en 1983 y completo en 1998. he aqui una seleccion. la vida le ha sido dada a cada ser humano para un proposito muy especial. este secreto cada ser humano ha de descubrirlo por si mismo. para un ser humano la cosa mas importante es intentar cada dia gravitar hacia la verdad ultima. nadie puede sobreestimar la belleza, el poder y el deleite de la auto-conquista. 462
?mi flautaes el primer libro de poesia publicado por sri chinmoy. incluye su primer poema en ingles, ?la flauta dorada', y su inmortal ?lo absoluto'. he aqui una seleccion de dicho poemario. puede leer la obra completa en ingles original en sri chinmoy poetry. la flauta dorada lo absoluto 290
sri chinmoy has written an extensive legacy of soulful writings for the inspiration of mankind. sri chinmoy employed many forms of the written and spoken word, including poetry, essays, lectures, aphorisms, questions and answers, stories and plays. this variety of forms is matched by his range of subjects, from humorous tales of village life and plays on the lives of spiritual figures, to lectures on the philosophy of yoga and poetry of mystic rapture. 457
sri chinmoy was an avid sportsman from his youth and throughout his life. in the spiritual community where he grew up, he excelled in soccer and volleyball, and was the top-ranked sprinter. during his late teens he was also a decathlon champion. 246
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