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the unintended consequences of cyberbullying rhetoric | social media collective 79
corrupt personalization | social media collective 49
show-and-tell: algorithmic culture | social media collective 60
#8220;if you don't like it, don't use it. it's that simple.#8221; orly? | social media collective 97
kudos for upcoming smc visitor paul dourish | social media collective 69
critical algorithm studies: a reading list | social media collective 68
the internet(s) as metaphor, the internet(s) as craft | social media collective 79
welcoming the smc interns for 2014! | social media collective 61
the oversharer (and other social media experiments) | social media collective 77
what does the facebook experiment teach us? | social media collective 69
social media collective | a research blog 41
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we all know that teen bullying - both online and offline - has devastating consequences. jamey rodemeyer's suicide is a tragedy. he was tormented for being gay. he knew he was being bullied and he regularly talked about the fact that he was being bullied. online, he even wrote: i always say how bullied ihellip; 313
( and also bud light. ) in my last two postsi've been writing about my attempt to convince a group of sophomores with no background in my fieldthat there has been a shift tothe algorithmic allocation of attention-- andthat this is important. in this post i'll respond to a student question. my favorite: sandvig says that algorithmshellip; 345
last weeki tried toget a group of random sophomores to care about algorithmic culture. i argued that software algorithms are transforming communication and knowledge. the jury is still out on my success at that, but in this post i'll continue the theme by reviewing theinteractive examples i used to make my point. i'm sharing themhellip; 342
we#039;ve had a controversial week here at smc, with both danah and bernie jumping into the fray over real names (tm) and social network sites. i#039;m not engaging with that mess, but i am interested in the response to it. over, and over, and over again, when anyone-- academic, pundit, journalist, blogger, regular person withouthellip; 339
now that we have said goodbye to our most recent long-term visitor, henry jenkins, we can look ahead to our next, paul dourish. it#039;sa fine time to do so, as he has just been awarded two honors that testify tohis important contributions to the study of computation and society. his 1992 paper awareness and coordinationhellip; 332
windows to the universe - learn about earth and space science, related arts, humanities for students, teachers, and other learners - activities, games, images, in english and spanish. 184
name 5
watch hot webcam girls strip live on nude chat rooms. these babes perform for you live on naked webcams and go all the way online. 131
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