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getting perspective at some ancient stones simple living in suffolk 67
the magic of compound interest is vastly overrated simple living in suffolk 75
valuation matters the dirty counterfactual to steady index investing. simple living in suffolk 94
the difficulty of managing money in silos simple living in suffolk 66
bad moon rising simple living in suffolk 40
clearance at last to begin the final approach to early retirement simple living in suffolk 90
the wheel of the year turns, and a pause for reflection simple living in suffolk 80
how i plan to retire early simple living in suffolk 51
employee share options, model theory and the greek/irish default conundrum simple living in suffolk 99
stockpickers and indexers alike aren't you a little bit fearful...? simple living in suffolk 92
where did we lose the basic skills of self-reliance to cope with financial austerity? simple living in suffolk 110
your standard of living may take a hit, your quality of life doesn't have to simple living in suffolk 101
cameron says britons should pay down debt, then flubs it simple living in suffolk 81
doom and depression death spiral deliberations simple living in suffolk 71
founder of immortalist society dies simple living in suffolk 60
the gold conundrum simple living in suffolk 43
inflation kills your money- a cautionary tale from a european fiscal giant simple living in suffolk 99
rich dad poor dad's increase your financial iq simple living in suffolk 71
best september for 71 years for the dow but is it real? simple living in suffolk 80
what can you do to preserve capital these days simple living in suffolk 71
kudos to nat west for not shafting its previous isa savers this year simple living in suffolk 93
living standards are going down because of a power shift from labour to capital simple living in suffolk 104
the future of work looks like becoming a relentless rat race simple living in suffolk 85
a public service announcement for the middle class in the public sector who are about to lose their job simple living in suffolk 129
time for the craftsman again? simple living in suffolk 55
simple living in suffolk 25
simple living in suffolk 25
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i've been on holiday, visiting an old friend in france and seeing the prehistoric standing stones at carnac. it's been the first holiday for a long time. a week has been enough to achie? 187
albert einstein is reckoned to have thought it the most powerful force in the universe. it's often used to exhort young pups to stop blowing their first paycheques on sex, drugs and rock#821? 192
i'm going to stick my neck out against a common shibboleth here. compared to many uk fi pursuing people the ermine has only a short accumulative investing life; this is because i am fi, i hav? 193
silos are bad for organising a lot of things where the contents should all be pulling in the same direction, singing from the same hymnsheet and other associated buzzword bingo. all through my work? 199
it does, indeed seem to be a bad moon rising. the real moon was at its closest to us for a while on the 19th, this was taken at 8:15pm lazily from my front door... it is about 50,000 km closer ? 195
the birds are singing in the air, the sun is shining and the blackthorn is in bloom before the leaves come out. [audio: singing including woody woodpecker] birds recorded in the cemetery on the way? 199
the ermine household took itself to the west country at the beginning of the year, for a time of rest, and reflection on the year passed and the year to come. the culturally preferred way of doing ? 199
firstly, retirement means an end to steady paid employment to me. it doesn't necessary mean an end to earning money. early retirees need to make this call. if retirement means your pension ar? 193
looks like the irish have gone and joined the greeks in causing trouble in the eurozone paradise. it's coming up to the end of the tax year, and the firm informs me i haven't used my em? 187
think back to 1999 world + dog was going to make a shedload of cash on the stock market. no idea was too barmy to fly. videologic to become imagination tech. rage software t? 175
the grauniad's had a series called breadline britain about how dreadful life is for our increasingly financially challenged nation. now i just about experienced britain in the 1960s, as it wa? 193
ben said something in a comment that made me think a bit for the upper side of middle class these are brutal times with generation x ers significantly harder up than their baby-boomer parents. the ? 199
dodgy dave, trying to scrape the barrel in searching for the last vestiges of grit in the british collective psyche, started off well by suggesting we #8220;man up and pay down your credit card, s? 198
it's all going down. the euro is going to explode and crash mk2 is on its way. it's hurricane season on the stock markets. this is the sort of thing that could really change things for ? 187
i guess robert ettinger, founder of the immortalist society went seriously off-message. every so often, you get fiendishly clever guys like this chap and ray kurzweil, who seem to have overdosed on? 199
gold is a funny old material, really. even in trying to photograph this lump, which is the only example of gold that i have in my physical possession, that i saw the numinous hold that the lustrous? 199
money can die, it's happened before and it'll happen again. my great-grandmother saw it happen to her. i was lucky enough to have met my great grandmother, who had lived in germany thro? 187
robert kiyosaki isn't everybody's cup of tea. i was surprised to see this book on the shelves of the county library and couldn't resist it. you don't often see some of the p? 175
the torygraph reports that the us stock market had its best september for 71 years. we haven't been doing so badly round here, either. everything is hunky-dory, the good guys won and the bad ? 193
money performs two roles in the economy, one is to provide a medium of exchange and intermediation. if i have a goat to sell and exchange it for pounds, i can buy a loaf of bread from the baker eve? 199
it's usual for banks to quietly trash the interest paid on older accounts, on the principle that most people can't be bothered to move and the bank gets to keep the money they'd p? 181
imagine. you're in a tunnel and it's dark, then you hear a thunderous noise and see an approaching light. wouldn't the sensible thing to do be to accept that an oncoming train is ? 181
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<H4> buy cheap, buy twice - itrsquo;s an online thing
<H4> price is not a clear signal of quality in many markets, and itrsquo;s hard to gauge quality online
<H4> interesting times ahoy?
<H4> letrsquo;s hope for some statesmanship from our eu leaders
<H4> the ermine is not a total-return maximising rationalist
<H4> the ebook proposition - wresting the medium and the message away from facebook. into amazon - oh boyhellip;

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<H4> unrealistic investment returns
<H4> long working lives
<H4> this is why compound interest wonrsquo;t help you, fi/re wannabee
<H4> who does compound interest work for?
<H4> who else does compounding work for?
<H4> compound interest is a great story, but a myth at the same time
<H4> compound interest may help you after you retire
<H4> the scientific method from the enlightenment to 1980
<H4> the scientific method from 1980 onwards, a.k.a. market driven science
<H4> the exercise myth
<H4> what is now often reported as lsquo;sciencersquo; is nothing of the sort
<H4> why canrsquo;t we do science any more?
<H4> the european hydration institute
<H4> food is a good place to investigate hedonic adaptation
<H4> the fallacy that credit increases spending power
<H4> spending power ne; cashflow
<H4> more credit means we get into arms races with each other
<H4> the myth of progress being the endless more
<H4> morsquo; betta
<H4> morsquo; bettarsquo;s evil twin, hedonic adaptation
<H4> we are programmed to buy
<H4> ermine to wannabe frugalista - live intentionally
<H4> the financial side - itrsquo;s all about the money
<H4> the personal and the cycle of life
<H4> 20-30:
<H4> 30-40:
<H4> 40-50:
<H4> 50:60
<H4> 60:65
<H4> whatrsquo;s with this u shaped curve?
<H4> ok ermine, wtf has all this psychology/metaphysical shite got to do with fi/re?
<H4> it isnrsquo;t predetermined - but the odds ainrsquo;t great.
<H4> fi/re tends to favour introversion
<H4> the workplace increasingly favours extraversion
<H4> in an industrial consumer society, shelter is the one basic maslow need most people buy on credit
<H4> the free market fails dismally where everyone buys an essential product with credit
<H4> tea? in the morning? what is this risible concept anyway?

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<H3> fate helps those that help themselves
<H3> if you know you job is under threat, cut spending - now
<H3> self employment is not an easy alternative to employment
<H3> you can live on a lot less than a your salary.
<H3> your living standards will fall in the coming years
<H3> the world does not owe you a living
<H3> you need capital to start most companies
<H3> the time to start acquiring capital is while you are employed
<H3> the time to start thinking about your business is while yoursquo;re still employed
<H3> the time to start looking for a job is while you are still employed
<H3> itrsquo;s not all about you
<H3> business cases are fiction
<H3> market research is overrated
<H3> the world doesnrsquo;t need an army of consultants doing what you were doing before
<H3> doubts about working with or selling to someone? go with your gut
<H3> the british consumer is on the ropes and has no money
<H3> know thyself
<H3> still want to start up in business?
<H3> and finallyhellip;
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