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in august 1963, lieutenant commander vila hovis received orders to saigon, vietnam. the orders were not a surprise because she was the first navy nurse to volunteer for service in that far-off corner of the world. her orders directed her current command to acirc;??ensure that she is oriented in code of... 306
the call came to our headquarters at the naval academyacirc;??s preble hall in mid-1995. it was retired navy captain bill horn, asking whether iacirc;??d be interested in an interview with a japanese kamikaze from world war ii. without logically pondering the idea, i blurted out acirc;??of course!acirc;?? then it slowly... 324
the special affection i hold for this classic story goes back 60 yearsacirc;??to the summer of 1954, when i first saw the movie that made its debut in june of that year. my recollection is that i saw it while sitting on an aisle step in the balcony because the theater was so crowded. (that... 293
acirc; someone speaking of beating a dead horse may have in mind an image of a jockey trying to get his deceased mount to move, but the phrase also has a nautical origin. while the history cannot be traced with certainty, it appears that the futility implicit in beating a dead horse was appropriate... 302
acirc; an adapted excerpt from the new naval institute press book fremantleacirc;??s submarines: how allied submarines and western australians helped to win the war in the pacific. acirc; it was against this backdrop of fear and anticipation that the first american submarines arrived at fremantle. by 10 march... 313
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