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this site is a service of lake forest college library and information technology. it contains selected digital collections of lake forest college. to submit proposals for the 2016 galovich student symposium, faculty may click on the above link. 244
nature photography by morgan d. jackson, bringing the diversity of nature into focus. 85
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<H1> lake forest college moodle
<H2> welcome to moodle 2.3
<H2> course categories
<H2> latest news
<H2> main menu
<H2> navigation
<H2> course categories
<H2> login
<H2> calendar
<H2> video: campus lectures and events

<H2> at a glance
<H2> paper of the day
<H2> search
<H2> browse
<H2> author corner
<H2> links

<H1> all access
<H1> emergency information
<H2> about
<H2> info for
<H2> quicklinks
<H3> emergency contacts
<H3> medical emergency
<H3> mental health emergency
<H3> active shooter
<H3> explosions
<H3> bomb threat
<H3> fire
<H3> hazardous materials
<H3> evacuation
<H3> utility failure
<H3> weather emergencies
<H3> emergency communications
<H3> emergency planning and training resources
<strong>lake forest police/fire/rescue: 911 (from campus phone: 9-911)
<strong>lake forest college public safety: 847-735-5555 (from campus phone: 5555)
<strong>in the event of overtly threatening behavior constituting an immediate threat to you or others, notify public safety at 847-735-5555 (on campus: 5555).
<strong>all bomb threats are to be taken seriously. notify public safety at 847-735-5555 (from campus phone: 5555) immediately.
<strong>building evacuation procedures
<strong>gas leak/unusual odors
<strong>flooding or major plumbing failure
<strong>broadcast voice messages
<strong>broadcast e-mail
<strong>city of lake forest emergency sirens
<strong>national emergency alert system
<strong>evacuating persons with disabilities:
<strong>counseling office
<strong>human resource services
<strong>department of communications and marketing:
<strong>office of public safety:
<strong>public safety
<strong>counseling services
<strong>dean of students

<H1> social media policy
<H3> establishing an institutional social media site
<H3> twitter
<H3> facebook
<H4> reference
<H5> posts
<H5> for more information
<strong>lake forest on twitter:
<strong>lake forest departments and resources:
<strong>lake forest student groups and organizations:
<strong>lake forest athletics:
<strong>lake forest alumni:

<H1> davis schneiderman
<H3> associate dean of the faculty
<H3> director of the center for chicago programs
<H3> professor of english
<H3> director, lake forest college press / now books
<H4> specialization
<H4> education
<H4> courses taught
<H4> novels
<H4> edited books
<H4> audiocollage
<H4> contact
<H4> news about professor schneiderman
<strong>on the web:

<H1> now books
<H4> now contacts
<H5> now books directors:
<H5> now books associate director:
<H5> associate editors for the now awards, volume 1 (2009):
<H5> now executive board:
<H5> now mailing address:

<H3> what's happening
<H3> information for
<H4> thursday, december 3
<H4> wednesday, december 9
<H4> thursday, december 10
<strong>students in the border studies program return grateful for what they have

<H1> lake forest college press / now books catalog
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H4> get your copy
<H5> the best innovative writing
<H5> the best innovative writing

<H1> madeleine p. plonsker emerging writer\'s residency prize
<H3> photo gallery
<H4> past winners:
<H4> apply for the madeleine p. plonsker prize
<H4> plonsker prize news
<H4> gretchen e. henderson on madeleine p. plonsker:
<H5> 2014 winner (prose):
<H5> 2013 winner (poetry):
<H5> 2012 winner (prose):
<H5> 2011 winner (poetry):
<H5> 2010 winner (prose):
<H5> 2009 winner (poetry):
<strong>fiction writer
<strong>matthew nye
<strong>cecilia k. corrigan
<strong>elizabeth gentry
<strong>jose perez beduya
<strong>gretchen henderson
<strong>jessica savitz
<strong>guidelines / annual submission period: january 1–march 1
<strong>fiction writer
<strong>only the first 200 submissions will be considered, so apply early!
<strong>we will close submissions once we reach 200. there is no need to inquire as the total submissions received.
<strong>please note:
<strong>without your name, contact information, or other identifying marks:
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