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an ieee web account is required in order to upload datasets to ieee dataport and send authors of existing documents comments and feedback. you may follow the following link to create a free web account with ieee. create a free ieee web account. 245
ieee dataport offers three options for uploading your dataset. 63
ieee dataport? serves as a valuable and easily accessible repository of datasets and data analysis tools.  the repository is designed to accept all types of datasets, including big data datasets up to 2tb, and it provides both downloading capabilities and access to cloud services to enable data analysis in the cloud.  ieee dataport? is a universally accessible web-based portal that serves four primary purposes:   417
prerequisitesany ieee dataport user, including someone who will initialize and administer a data competition, must have an ieee account.   if you do not have an ieee account, you may register for a free ieee account (click this link to register).you must be an ieee dataport subscriber to initialize and administer an ieee data competition. note: currently ieee dataport is offering a coupon code (dataport1) for free subscriptions. 433
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