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mission, vision #038; valuesmission, vision values we hold ourselves to high standards.ásee what drives us to continue toábuild a better lgbtácommunityá?áand find out where we're headed next. learn more ╗ flagpeople imagewhat is a community foundation?what is a community foundation? asáthe world's first community foundation based in and dedicated to the lgbt community, we're 378
horizons foundation offers a diverse range of lgbt funding programs to support the lgbt community and other causes consistent with our mission. find a funding program that matches your organization's needs. 206
the ben miller band makes a striking first impression. 55
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<H1> be part of something bigger
<H2> a dazzling night
<H2> join hype
<H2> our donor stories
<H2> philanthropy series
<H2> professional advisors series
<H2> join our team
<H2> read the 2014 report
<H2> our story
<H3> a dazzling night!
<H3> find us!
<H4> join us to help strengthen the lgbt community
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