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http:getreadyguilford.orgwp-contentuploads201703nc_foundations.pdfnc_foundationsaemp p p pstronghow would you like to see nc felds used?strongp pcatherine scott-little: emfoundations is designed to help the whole community?families, direct service providers, early childhood educators, and others?support children and families. it is our collective vision for what we want children to have the opportunity to learn. anyone whose work touches a child would benefit from using nc felds. emp pemfor child development students and teachers, it's used as a textbook and  in professional development to learn about child development and intentional teaching. the goal is for every teacher working with children to use this document as a starting point for planning and evaluating herhis teaching. caregivers should use nc felds to plan their curriculum, communicate with others who work with a child, guide how they assess children, and learn about child development.emp pemphysicians and healthcare providers can talk to parents about nc felds and the importance of working with their child's educators to support development in the domains that are described. service providers could use this document as 1200
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<H1> each child ready
<H1> the work
<H2> we all have a role to play
<H2> read our most recent blog posts below
<H3> everyone plays an important role in getting our children ready for school, ready for life. here's how you can help now:
<H3> the vision
<H3> guilford county data
<H3> 100-day challenge team work
<H3> watch the videos below to learn more about brain development.
<H3> connect with us!
<H4> join a family action learning team.
<H4> learn more and share.
<H4> spread the word.
<H4> volunteer.
<strong>sign the pledge!
<strong>watch to learn more about our county's infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
<strong>more than 1 in 3 children in guilford county enter kindergarten not literacy-ready.
<strong>qualitative data: family photovoice project
<strong>white paper with summary of feedback from 230+ families. (coming soon)
<strong>check out our blog at the mid-point of the 100-day challenge!
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