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esd - abstract - imprints of climate forcings in global gridded temperature data 80
esd - abstract - early warning signals of tipping points in periodically forced systems 87
esd - recent 12
esd - abstract - polynomial cointegration tests of anthropogenic impact on global warming 89
esd - abstract - a simple explanation for the sensitivity of the hydrologic cycle to surface temperature and solar radiation and its implications for global climate change 171
esd - recent final revised papers 33
esd - abstract - impact of the atlantic multidecadal oscillation (amo) on deriving anthropogenic warming rates from the instrumental temperature record 151
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when the dust settled on the screeching headlines ? of impending mnsure doom ? the reality was thank goodness there's an exchange and a marketplace that offers us choices. 172
namecontent2012 internet trends (update)' 42
our webhost reviews compare the best web hosting companies in canada so you can pick the most affordable for your website./ 124
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