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jeffrey williams on academics' class status | decasia 53
losing the excellence sweepstakes | decasia 43
full of question marks | decasia 32
ashamed to be apolitical | decasia 34
on blogging and not blogging | decasia 38
renaissance critiques of scholarship and ironic reflexivity | decasia 69
renaissance critiques of scholarship and ironic reflexivity | decasia 69
decasia | critical anthropology of academic culture 51
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more-1913spanwe have to ask ourselves, though: emwhat kind of political space can a professional meeting be?em i think this is something that is frequently being renegotiated within anthropology, and probably within other disciplines as well. plainly, such meetings are not strictly apolitical. the generation before ours tried to make the vietnam war an issue in these meetings, i've heard, and even today we hear about groups like the #8220;a href 449
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