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Seo Yoast
deep dive into deep learning - codemash 39
erlang, or how i learned to stop worrying and let things fail - codemash 72
functional browser automation testing for newbs - codemash 58
programs that write programs: how compilers work - codemash 59
we got the func?python functional programming. - codemash 57
home - codemash 15
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how did a technology, largely abandoned in the 1970s, become the modern darling of the machine learning world? used by netflix, spotify and many other internet scale consumers of data, to solve problems such as: structured prediction and learning rank; deep learning advances ideas first proposed in the field of neural networks. in this session hellip; 354
failure is inevitable, so learn to embrace it. tandem computers did, and as a result they were a leading provider of fault-tolerant hardware for financial networks. ericsson did, and now their programming language erlang handles half the smartphone traffic in the world. erlang has several unusual features which collectively form a unique platform, one that hellip; 367
functional programming is reemerging in popularity but can be difficult for you to use at your day job. at the same time automated browser testing is very practical and has become something that every developer can at least dip there toe in. canopy, a simple framework in f# on top of selenium for writing ui hellip; 317
compilers are the bridge between the code you write and the applications you run. while production compilers can be quite complicated, the principles of compiler design are not too hard to learn, and are broadly applicable to many seemingly difficult programming problems. in this session you will learn how every phase of a real compiler hellip; 347
like mixing peanut butter and chocolate, mixing up oop and functional programming produces something tastier than the sum of their parts. python is an imperative language, but with a great set of functional extensions in its standard library, and an even greater set in the third-party functoolz library. this talk looks at how to do hellip; 342
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