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cinephilia and filmmaking i just hope these people stay persistent because... 77
cinephilia and filmmaking stanley kubrick directs sterling hayden in dr.... 75
unfortunately, people believe that their first... 50
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ldquo;i just hope these people stay persistent because sometimes itrsquo;s six or eight scripts before they have that great script. all the people they admire went through these things and had adversity....rdquo; 212
you say you want an evolution... 33
remember when we used to say women doctors or women attorneys ? so why do we still say women speakers ? in looking up male dominated jobs, i found truck drivers, train conductors, airline pilots, and race car drivers. are you seeing a pattern here? all involve driving large, heavy vehicles. but there#039;s no reason women can#039;t do any of those. i work in 3 male dominated industries, manufacturing, inventing, and public speaking. yes, public speaking is considered a male dominated industry. yet it involves no large machinery or heavy lifting. so why is it that only 20-30% of paid speaking jobs go to women? 616
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salinger,don winslow,screenwriting,shane salerno
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